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  • 18538706800 慕亞裝飾專注于中藥柜定制、藥店裝修等,為用戶提供一站式的零售空間解決方案。
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         2014年投資建5000平米鋼結構廠房,工廠下設 :木工、油漆、不銹鋼、亞克力、絲印寫真畫面等工作組;廠區配備一線品牌制作設備:進口精密鋸、立體雕刻機、三排鉆、自動封邊機、兩座面積共200平米標準化無塵帶水簾烤漆房、大功率發電機、沖床、精密焊機及多臺運輸車輛等;人員絕大部分工人來自于江西、湖北、江蘇、四川、廣西等省份,致力于打造鄭州乃至周邊省份一流制作工廠。



    For many years, Zhengzhou Muya Decoration and Repair Co., Ltd. has focused on providing one-stop retail space solutions, realizing the improvement of customer brand value, and creating a beautiful shopping experience for terminal consumers to help customers achieve their business goals. The service chain covers retail brand strategic consultation, retail environmental design, production and installation of solid wood Chinese medicine cabinets, pharmacy decoration design, pharmacy counters, pharmacy shelves, prescription cabinets, retail and display environmental engineering, project management, and nationwide maintenance and maintenance services. We will comprehensively create a variety of commercial retail terminals such as Chinese medicine cabinets, retail counters, high-end specialty stores, brand image stores, flagship stores, department stores, and shopping centers, as well as high-end exhibition images for drug store decoration and design.

    In 2014, it invested in the construction of a 5,000 square meter steel structure factory. The factory consists of working groups such as carpentry, paint, stainless steel, acrylic, and silk printing. The factory area is equipped with first-line brand production equipment: imported precision saws, three-dimensional carving machines, three-row drills, automatic edge sealing machines, two 200-square-meter standardized dust-free water curtain paint houses, high-power generators, punch beds, precision welders and multiple transportation vehicles, etc.; The vast majority of workers come from Jiangxi, Hubei, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guangxi and other provinces, and are committed to building first-class production factories in Zhengzhou and even neighboring provinces.

    The company platform consists of customer department, design department, project management department, service department, procurement department, transportation department, finance department, human resources and training department, network promotion department, etc., to fully and effectively cooperate with the customer's work. The company believes that first-class products come from first-class equipment, first-class talents, first-class craftsmanship, first-class management and first-class culture. Therefore, on the one hand, the company has focused on the quality and speed of factory production, and on the other hand, it has focused on team training and cultural construction. Make the company grow smoothly and quickly.

    In line with the core corporate values of "creating value, continuous improvement, and outstanding performance", Muya Exhibits will continue to become the best solution provider for retail space based on the local and international leaders through its partnership as a target customer brand promotion strategy. At the same time, it will create a beautiful shopping experience for consumers and become the best solution provider for retail space.